Below are some articles and exercises to help you take care of your body and feel your best!

The info presented here is not intended to be professional advice and is not a substitute for professional chiropractic care.

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Basics of Chiropractic

Subluxation? Innate Intelligence? Adjustments? This is cool stuff about Chiropractic...Read it! 


Tips and Tricks for Self Care

How to care for your body after your visits to ensure maximum results. 


If I only Had a Brain - Craniopathy

What is Craniopathy and Bio Cranial Therapy?


Cervical (Neck/Head) Exercises

Exercises and Stretches for flexibility and range of motion. 


Migraines - Treat the Curse or the Cause?

What really causes them? How do we get rid of them?


Fabulous Fourteen

Fourteen whole body exercises to keep you feeling your best. 



Lower Back EXTENSION Exercises

Stretches and exercises for the lower back in EXTENSION.



Lower Back Flexion Exercises

Stretches and exercises for the lower back in FLEXION.